Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manhattan Midtown East

Midtown East: from Fifth Avenue to the East River, from 42nd to 57th streets.

Midtown East is the combination of corporate headquarters and residential living. Citigroup, Chase, Boston Consulting Group, Unilever, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bloomingdale’s and Saks are amongst some of its corporate residents. In terms of residential, Midtown East is the location of prominent addresses such as The Plaza, Trump World Tower, Trump Tower (building in The Apprentice), Jumeirah Essex House, Beekman Place and Sutton Place.

Grand Central Station and the United Nations overlooking the East River are additional Midtown East icons. Many foreign consulates and permanent missions to the United Nations are in Midtown East because of proximity to the United Nations. Hence be prepared to see diplomats walking around the neighborhood dressed in their best walking on 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave.

Many Midtown East residents have the luxury of walking to work, to 5th Avenue for shopping, to Central Park for summer picnics.

Don’t want to be too close to corporate offices? Most residential buildings are east of 3rd Ave. Being an island, one block can mean the difference between being smack in the middle of Corporate America’s headquarters and a quieter residential neighborhood. There are even secret gardens with waterfalls that makes one forget being in midtown Manhattan.

The area has an abundance of restaurants and entertainment. NBC’s Today Show and CBS’s morning show both are in Midtown East. Other well known corporate residents are the Apple Store, Ferragamo and Prada.

Why live anywhere else? I too call Midtown East home and I love it here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Start Up science - graph

Start Up science from Y Combinator.
Ha ha ha .... quite accurate


1. Tech crunch of initiation
2. Wearing off of novelty
3. Trough of sorrow
4. Wiggles of false hope
5. Acquisition of liquidity
6. Spike of misconfigured Google analytics
7. Public - selling to biggest fool