Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Foreign Buyers of Manhattan, New York Property - Overview

By Wei Min Tan

1.0  Overview for the foreign investor
1.1  Why New York
1.2  Can foreigners buy in Manhattan, New York?
1.3. What type of properties are popular amongst foreign / international buyers?
1.4  What are expenses associated with owning a property in Manhattan?
1.5  Financing for foreign / international buyers
1.6  Cash buyers 
1.7  Transaction costs
1.8  Taxes, taxes, taxes
1.9  How does the fee work when buying/selling?
1.10  How does the agent fee work when renting?
1.11  Should I use more than one agent?
1.12  What are the best areas for investment?
1.13  Does buyer have to be in New York for the closing?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interviewed by Brick Underground in "Williamsburg is not in Manhattan and 6 Other Foreign Buyer Misconceptions"

Top misconceptions and surprises of foreign buyers.
- Most apartments are not for sale
- Prices are comparatively low.
- Wow, this studio would be a 2 bedroom in my city!
- Williamsburg is not in Manhattan.

Read the article, Misconceptions and surprises of foreign buyers.