Friday, August 14, 2015

Why Buy Manhattan Property As Investment

Successful entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world have been investing in Manhattan apartments for a long time.  

We are very familiar with the reasons clients invest in Manhattan, New York because this segment is our focus.  The basic drivers are as follows:

Capital Preservation
New York property is regarded as a safe investment against inflation, economic uncertainty, political instability and even theft in their home country.  High net worth investors work very hard to accumulate wealth and they work hard at preserving it as well.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tips On Buying International Real Estate

JULY 31, 2015
A strong U.S. dollar isn’t just making vacations overseasmore affordable; a brawny buck puts foreign real estate on sale, too.
Jason Kumpf, real estate expert at USForex, says their clients are “absolutely” using dollar strength to justify buying international real estate, particularly in continental Europe and the U.K. Even Canada is attracting more Americans now that the loonie is at about a 20% discount to its U.S. counterpart, says Kumpf.
Wei Min Tan, a residential condominium specialist at Rutenberg Realty’s Castle Avenue, says select buyers will always want to invest in a top-tier city like London, but a wave of buyers is also favoring countries with lower costs of living, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Costa Rica.
“They may see it as a place to retire in the future. Here [retirement] can cost so much, there it’s a fraction,” Tan says.