Friday, October 15, 2010

Famous buildings and architects in Manhattan

Interesting article from AMNew York, "Rise of Starchitecture."

In the mind of Rick Bell, the executive director of the American Institute of Architects’ New York chapter, all his fellow architects are stars.
It goes without saying, however, that the firmament on Gotham’s streets and skyline has gotten a lot brighter. As uncomfortable as architects may be with the term "starchitect," the word fittingly describes design masters who create buildings that “capture the imagination” and are simply superlative, Bell said.
Of course, New York historically has had no shortage of blockbuster stars: Frank Lloyd Wright and his Guggenheim Museum and Philip Johnson and his AT&T skyline “highboy” are among many examples. Multiple forces, however, converged to give rise to the ‘starchitect’ in the modern sense, observers told amNewYork.