Saturday, January 16, 2010

New York Investment Property

New York investment property our investor clients buy are divided into condos (residential) and buildings (commercial or residential). 

Residential condos are popular especially amongst international / overseas buyers because of the simplicity of ownership.  Condo ownership requires minimal maintenance as the monthly common charges paid basically covers the required maintenance activities.  A tenant or renter who has issues while staying at a condo can easily call the building staff to fix the issue at hand, eg leaky toilet or ineffective heater.  Comparatively, if an investor owns a building, the investor needs to address issues like the roof, boiler, heater etc that may need repair.

Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages of owning a condo unit vs a building.  Here is a rough breakdown:

Upside - ease of ownership, simple to understand
Downside - lower rate of return

Upside - higher rate of return
Downside - more management intensive, higher cost of entry

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View New York investment properties at Castle Avenue Partners.  We specialize in international and overseas clients interested in New York investment property.
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New York investment property

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