Friday, February 26, 2010

New York Property ROI Return on Investment

New York property return on investment ROI

What's the expected return on investment (ROI) on Manhattan New York property?  Well it's a forecast and I will not promise buyer clients prices will appreciate by X percent within a certain period of time.  But what I can share is the historical trend of price appreciation.  Graph shows:
1.  Prices were $328 per square foot in 1997 and increased to a peak of $1,289 in Q1 2008.  That's an average of 13.2 percent return on investment (ROI) per year from 1997 till Q1 2008.  Prices dropped about 20 percent in Q4 2009 from the peak. From 1997 through Q4 2009, the average appreciation is 10.3 percent per year.

2.  These are unleveraged returns.  Hence can be the ROI or Return on Investment / Asset.

The audience of this blog know that with leverage, the returns are magnified.  eg with 40% equity down payment and a 10% unlevered return, the return on equity (ROE) magnifies to 20%+.

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Graph data:  Miller Samuel

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