Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hong Kong trip

Just got home from 10 days in Hong Kong.  Great Cantonese food 2X a day while there.

- Hong Kong represents wealth, eg there were at least 5 Ferraris on the same parking floor at the IFC mall.

- A lot of new China wealth, newly rich who are the largest consumers in Hong Kong and Macau.  They are the buyers of Rolex watches, Chanel bags etc.  While at the Venetian Macau, a 4000 room hotel, it was fully booked at $300 a night.  Same with Disneyland.

- Hong Kong is the most entrepreneurial and business minded city in the world.  The average person is quick with numbers.  In New York, people need a calculator just to calculate tip.

- Visited ICC (tallest in HK and third in the world) and IFC.

- The cab drivers are so polite.

Pictured - me with Helen.

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