Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chinese Real Estate Agent New York

As Founder of Castle Avenue Team at Rutenberg Realty, I am pleased to share that we are expanding marketing efforts to serve Chinese buyers of Manhattan, New York real estate.  Over the past 2 years, we have seen an explosion of Chinese buyers from mainland China and Hong Kong.  Buyers from Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia are also increasingly diversifying funds into Manhattan property.

The volume of buyers during the past 6 months has been dramatic.  This is driven by factors including:
(i) property prices reaching bubble levels in China/Hong Kong
(ii) Chinese buyers taking advantage of the recovering New York property market
(iii) Chinese buyers buying for child who is attending university in New York

While there are thousands of real estate agents, we feel our niche of serving foreign buyers differentiates us and our clients appreciate the value we provide.  We have a strong financial background and are experts in the Manhattan property market as evidenced by media appearances on CNN, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and NBC.

We understand what foreign investors want and have the network of accountants and attorneys focused on foreign buyers. We tell our investors what is a good buy and what is not because our goal is to grow wealth together with our clients for the long term.

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Media Appearances

Wei Min Tan is New York's most visible Asian American property agent frequently interviewed by top media such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch on foreign buyers coming to invest in New York.  He can be reached at 

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