Thursday, November 22, 2012


W57 residential building at 625 W 57 St by star architect Bjarke Ingels.  600 apartments in a ski-slope structure with a courtyard in the middle.  Will be one of Manhattan's coolest buildings.

Firstly, the shape is extraordinary.  A ski slope building in Midtown Manhattan?  Wow.  This is pushing the boundaries.  Perhaps the next unconventionally shaped building in Manhattan is the IAC by Gehry.  But even that has the regular upright shape typical of buildings.  This is like the Luxor of Vegas, unconventional shape amid the regular upright rectangles.

Secondly, Bjarke talked about maximizing natural light so he can minimize the mechanicals in the roof meant to create "green" feel.  The shape, according to Bjarke, brings in sunlight from multiple exposures.

W57 is like the Bilbao Guggenheim of Manhattan buildings.

Wei Min Tan is a Manhattan, New York broker focused on condominium properties.  His recent TV appearances include being on New York 1 and NBC Open House.  

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