Friday, December 23, 2011

Green Habits for New York living

Green Habits for New York living.  These are easy to implement green habits that I do.  It's healthy, saves money and helps our earth.

1.  Less bottled water:  The plastic will be around forever as plastic is not biodegradable.  Are you really going to recycle every plastic bottle?

2.  Semi vegetarian:  Have vegetarian days in the week.  Studies have shown that meat products are a key reason for the high cancer rates in our modern society.  Fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) supply us with much needed nutrients to boost the body's immunity which in turn fights diseases more effectively.  Organic food also means you're not eating pesticides and herbicides.  It's ironic that farmers who apply pesticides wear a mask when doing so.  But consumers eat the pesticides!

Organic vegetables at Whole Foods cost double the price of conventional.  But in absolute terms, it's still very cheap.

3.  Plant a vegetable:  Even if it's a small basil pot by the window, you'll experience the freshness after plucking and consuming 15 mins later (as opposed to 1 week later with food from the grocery store).  You'll also appreciate the food more because of the efforts in watering, caring for the plant.

4.  Library card:  The New York Public Library system has almost every book you see on or Barnes and Noble.  Just order it online at and pick up from your nearest library location.  Saves paper, saves money, saves space.

5.  Don't waste:  Make a conscious effort to minimize wastage, whether it's turning off the lights, not over ordering at a restaurant, reducing unnecessary printing etc.

Wei Min Tan is Founder of Castle Avenue Partners and serves clients buying luxury residential condominiums in Manhattan, New York.  He was most recently featured on NBC's Open House NYC show hunting for a waterview apartment with a client.

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