Saturday, February 25, 2012

Manhattan's parks and waterview oasis

Battery Park is Manhattan's top neighborhood for parks, water views and recreation.  It is also Manhattan's newest neighborhood with about 10 new residential buildings, a brand new library, a new Goldman Sachs headquarters which attracts new restaurants and of course, new parks.

People are attracted to Battery Park because of the lifestyle.  For example, the running path along the water, access to the marina and of course, parks.  As such, Battery Park is an oasis in Manhattan.

The downside is that to buy, the carrying cost of common charges and taxes are double compared to other parts of Manhattan.  This is because Battery Park is on leased land.  People who live in Battery Park feel that the lifestyle it affords outweighs the higher carrying costs.  This is also why Battery Park has one of the highest household incomes in Manhattan.

Wei Min Tan is Founder of Castle Avenue Partners in Manhattan, New York.  He serves both local and foreign clients interested in buying condominium apartments in Manhattan.  He was most recently featured in New York 1 News on Hiring a Buyer's Broker.

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