Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreign buyer - Buy a house, get a U.S. visa

Senators Charles Schumer (New York) and Mike Lee (Utah) are proposing a bill that gives foreign buyers a U.S. residence visa if they spend $500,000 cash in a property.  The visa does not allow them to work in the US but allows them to live here in the US as long as they own the property.

- The visa would not allow foreigners to work in the US.  However, foreigners who can spend $500,000 cash do not need to work here.  These wealthy foreign investors likely have their own businesses abroad.

- The program would lift up the US housing market and absorb excess inventory currently.  It also spurs direct investment into the US.

- It allows foreign buyers to live in the US.  Currently, even with property here, their stay in the US is subject to tourist visa restrictions.

Excellent idea.

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